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I have placed an order, but I have still not received an order confirmation?
Please ensure that you have entered the correct e-mail address. The order confirmation is always sent to the e-mail address saved in your customer account, the same e-mail address you log in to your balaclavacph.com customer account with. If this e-mail address is correct, please check whether the confirmation e-mail may have been filtered into your spam folder. If your cannot find your order in this overview and also haven’t received a confirmation e-mail, please contact us ASAP.

What about sales tax?
All prices include sales tax and are valid for countries within the EU. If you’re ordering from anywhere outside of the EU, we will deduct the sales tax from the online-price. During the ordering process you will be able to see the net price. You might face customs fees, which balaclavacph.com cannot be held responsible for. These fees depend on the contents of the package as well as their value. Prices may vary.

Is my personal data secure?
Yes! When communicating through our site with personal information, all of your personal data is encrypted with a security certificate called “SSL” aka “Secure Socket Layer“. Read more about SSL security here: www.digicert.com

SSL Security Certificate
How do i pay on balaclavacph.com?
All payments go through PayPal on balaclavacph.com. PayPal is a international secure payment gateway where all transactions are secured by PayPal top online security. Read more about PayPal here and join over 192 million PayPal users worldwide: www.PayPal.com

How long does delivery take?
Denmark: 2-5 days, rest of the world: 1-2 weeks.

Which countries does balaclavacph.com ship to?
balaclavacph.com ships worldwide!

Why is balaclavacph.com in English?
Due to the increasing interest from parties outside Denmark.

Why should I create an account with balaclavacph.com?
Your order will be processed much faster since your address and e-mail address will be filled out automatically. Also the possibility of misspelling is eliminated.

Why has 1 or more items been removed from my cart?
Sometimes we experience a high interest in specific products. It may occur that a product is sold out within minutes. Please note that a purchase is not final before the payment is completed. This means that another customer can buy the last item in stock even though you have it in your cart. We apologize for any inconvenience related to this matter.

Limited release information
When purchasing “limited-release” products, please note that after you press the “Confirm” button, you only have 3 minutes to enter your credit-card details.
If you do not enter your credit-card details and proceed within 3 minutes, you will have to restart the procedure of purchase.
We recommend buying the product as fast as possible otherwise the product can be sold out in the meantime!